Is your organisation ready to
conquer the world?

A new kind of digital-first information service. Tailored to the needs of your business. Employee-centric and ad-free.

kompreno is for you if…

…your organisation expands internationally

kompreno helps your business developers,
sales leaders and marketing specialists conquer new markets.

…your organisation develops skills for the future

kompreno lets your leadership talent, innovation labs and
think tanks anticipate trends and develop resilience.

…your organisation is committed to diversity and inclusion

kompreno breaks unconscious biases
with trusted information and unexpected insights.

Pricing is based on your needs.

users price/user/month
5-25 14,99€
26-50 13,99€
51-100 12,99€
101-200 11,99€
201-500 10,99€
500+ 9,99€

For larger quantities, talk to us about a custom offer.
These prices are for institutional customers only, we’ll add 19% VAT.

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