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Kompreno is your digital reader with no language barriers. We provide a constantly evolving mix of independent journalism from national papers of record, specialised magazines and community projects: international business and politics, sustainability and digital society, culture and arts.
One planet, one continent: united by values, but divided by language. Kompreno is for you if you are connected across cultures, in business and personally. You look for conversation value to deeply connect with people: forward-looking, open-minded, curious. We are committed to plurality and substance. Read more about us.
Kompreno is a unique, constantly evolving mix of national papers of record, specialised magazines and community projects from the oldest and most emblazoned ones to the most recent and experimental. We will reveal the titles that we currently have on board on our product page as we launch, and then we will continuously add more valuable, trusted sources to the mix.
No, and this is our strength. We provide a selection of the most inspiring reporting from the most interesting sources. You have to rely on our curation, and we are certain you will find it uniquely enjoyable.
It’s not that simple. Good journalism is very valuable, the premium material you find on Kompreno is mostly paywalled. We’re free from advertising – a prerequisite for independent journalism. Kompreno offers a flawless presentation and an impeccable reading experience, and is full of discoveries you would otherwise have missed.
The entire experience with our subscription is optimized for people who cherish reading but have limited time. We are constantly working on better ways to deliver the most inspiring content to you, where you want it, when you need it. Try it! Our content recommendation and our translations will find delightful new material for you that you wouldn’t have stumbled upon in any other way.
Effectively, yes. Personalisation is entirely based on topics and places, not on emotions and sentiment. There’s no user generated content and we provide no incentives for “click bait”. You can search and navigate our entire archive with no restrictions, without language barriers.
Independent media, yes. Alternative facts? No. We are strongly committed to science and substance.
To understand your content preferences, we have a set of simple questions. It’s fun, and if you don’t overthink it, within less than three minutes, you’ll be good to go!
Let us know! We’re constantly working with new publications for an even more exciting mix of quality content, and of course, to improve our product. There’s a weekly subscription option for minimal risk. If you do choose to leave, we will honor your decision.
At this time, no. Kompreno is a subscription. We understand the demand and we like the idea. We’re looking into this, but it’s complicated for a number of reasons. Please be patient.
No. An ad-free experience is our purpose: to keep quality journalism independent.
Our software monitors your reading behaviour, but only minimally, and in a purposeful way: to improve our content recommendation and reading experience, and to inform the publishers who contribute their content in support of their own international content strategies. We will never sell your data to third parties.
No. Period. There’s not even advertising on Kompreno.
Talk to us! We’re constantly looking for new partners. Or, even better: Talk to them! Their valuable material surely deserves a wider audience. They should get in touch with us.
Our subscription can be very valuable if you’re engaged in international business and your workforce is distributed across countries and languages. We will gladly provide you with a tailored offer. Please get in touch.

We provide a new stream of subscription revenue from new audiences in foreign language markets. We’ve made it effortless and risk-free to work with us, protecting your home market and your existing subscriber relationships. We enrich your own international brand strategy with valuable semantic data insights.
We offer a unique mix of indirect and direct revenue share in a scalable, innovative platform business model. There is no free content on Kompreno, so we monetize for you from day one, at continental scale.
Our offering is tailored to subscribers willing to pay a fair price for trustworthy content. They are looking for a quiet, ad-free reading experience. We will gladly link back to you, but please keep in mind that these referrals may not understand your language.
We highly respect not only your content and your brand, but all the rights underlying your editorial offering (authorship, images, translations and adaptations). Our license agreement reflects that, and is plain and straight-forward.
It obviously depends on your strategy, but in principle, yes. With our semantic data insights, we will help you better understand foreign-language demand and the value of your content for foreign audiences. We will solve many of the headaches involved with conquering new markets: editorial workflows and translations, multi-language content management, marketing and brand awareness.
Once we have agreed on licensing, it will take only a few days for your content to appear inside our digital subscription. We will immediately begin monetizing for you.
We’re good listeners. We provide short-term agreements. You can withdraw at any time.
No. We are service providers and strategic partners for the publishing industry, accelerating your digital transformation. We are focused on your needs as well as on those of our subscribers. We don’t plan to produce and publish any original material.
We do, together! With those partners who choose to be involved, we will look at metrics, discuss the editorial guidelines, and decide new territories and partnerships. We are financially independent.