The most beautiful subscription for Europe.


Quality journalism from a variety of sources.

Kompreno is your window to the world: a selection of the most interesting editorial reading from trusted sources across the European continent. Personalised to your interests, translated from six languages.


Where you want, when you want.

Our digital subscription guarantees a pleasant reading experience on any device. Enjoy Kompreno on your smartphone during your commute, on your tablet in your armchair, or on your desktop computer at work. We are already working on many more ways to provide you with relevant content.


Flawless translation, powerful personalisation, endless discovery.

We use state-of-the-art language technology for a mind-blowing experience. You won’t even realise you’re reading material originally published in a foreign language. We personalise to the actual topics and places you are interested in. Our technology allows endless discoveries: no filter bubbles or rabbit holes.


Highest editorial standards.

Kompreno widens your horizon and provides you with fresh perspectives. We want reporting to be fact-based and opinions to be informed. No user-generated content. Our publisher partners hold themselves accountable to the highest standards of editorial quality.


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