Kompreno: for whom?

We hope that our website expresses the passion we pour into our product. But we do all this for you – not for ourselves. So: Who is Kompreno aimed at?

Many times, we’ve heard that the world has become more complex and confusing in recent years. The big challenges of our time are global, the Coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis, digitalisation and globalisation, the fight against poverty, migration.

Kompreno addresses all those who, in the face of such a variety of topics, won’t stick their heads in the sand, but remain open, stay curious: now more than ever!

That is why you are interested in an outside view: How are Germany and Spain dealing with the rising numbers of infections caused by new Coronavirus mutations? Are schools and kindergartens open in France? How do people in Italy see the situation in Austria, especially in the border area?

All this – and much more than fits into a short blog post – you will discover with us. Without having to understand all the languages of Europe!

We provide topics of conversation. Not just for a quick OMG and LOL or fleeting Likes, but for the family brunch next Sunday, the lunch break with colleagues or the workshop with your international project team. If we give you a reason to call your friend from school exchange again, the college friend from your exchange semester, or the colleague from that project you did together in Zurich back in the day – then, we have fulfilled our mission.

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