Press release: Quality journalism without language barriers – Kompreno expands its range of topics and becomes European content network

Press release: Quality journalism without language barriers – Kompreno expands its range of topics and becomes European content network

Kompreno GmbH, FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY, 15 July 2022.

Frankfurt-based start-up Kompreno is further expanding its European subscription service for quality journalism with no language barriers: It now includes the most inspiring editorial opinion from DIE ZEIT as well as analyses from Euromaidan Press, a medium that has been striving to build a bridge between Ukraine and the world since 2014.

In partnership with these and other renowned media brands from across all of Europe, Kompreno makes the continent’s most valuable texts available in five languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. The ever-evolving diversity is fed by national flagship media (such as The Independent or Le Monde), specialised magazines (like MO* Magazine from Belgium, brand eins from Germany, or Prospect Magazine from the UK) and innovative online publications (for example Frontiere News from Italy or Deine Korrespondentin from Germany).

State-of-the-art language technology not only ensures fluent translations, but also tailors the reading to subscribers’ interests, by topics and places, without creating the ‘filter bubbles’ or ‘echo chambers’ that social media like Facebook are often criticised for. Thus, Kompreno offers a unique variety of high-quality reporting and analysis on international politics and economics, climate and sustainability, digital society, migration and social justice in a single subscription.

As Head of Content, Giuseppe Menditto is responsible for guiding this selection: “Every day, we grow the diversity and plurality of our offering. Our readers stay in touch with current events around the world, but always with the necessary distance and from different, unique perspectives. Local solutions with global impact, long-lasting material instead of ‘hot news’: these are the standards by which we curate our content. To bring such fantastic writing to an even wider audience is a wonderful mandate for our team.”

“The removal of language barriers creates a whole new marketplace for quality journalism. We are very proud to be able to open up foreign language audiences to each and every publication when they entrust us with their valuable content. Most importantly, we are also enabling direct cooperation between publishing houses and are growing into an open, collaborative content network. This will hopefully lead to a completely new public sphere, and strengthen European identity in an increasingly networked, complex, digitalised world.” This is how Jochen Adler, who initiated the project in 2020, describes the mission and his personal hopes.

Above all, Kompreno has paid the utmost attention to a unique reading experience on every digital device from the very beginning. Here, Paul Maibach is responsible, as CTO and Head of Product: “Our offer is simple and beautiful, the content speaks for itself. We are not interested in advertising or data brokerage. Instead, our readers can rely on the often surprising, but always stimulating and cleverly personalised reading recommendations presented by our language technology. A healthy diet of information from a variety of high-quality sources, endless discoveries and new perspectives without language barriers: Some of our first subscribers have already called it ‘magical’ – and there really is no better way to describe the experience.”

With its small interdisciplinary team spread across the continent, and a broad network of specialised partners and consultants, the young company spent two years preparing the market launch of its first subscription. The locally rooted start-up was founded in Frankfurt during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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