Press release: Kompreno launches subscription for the best reporting from all over Europe – without language barriers

Press release: Kompreno launches subscription for the best reporting from all over Europe – without language barriers

Frankfurt, 19 April 2022.

On Monday, 25 April, Kompreno will launch its subscription to the most inspiring reporting from trusted sources across Europe, translated into five languages from the start. The Frankfurt-based start-up is already accepting pre-orders for this unique reading pleasure.

The Kompreno subscription includes a novel, ever-evolving mix of independent journalism from national flagship media, specialised magazines and innovative digital publications. The unique diversity of trusted sources from across the continent covers a wide range of topics: international politics and business, sustainability and digital society, culture and the arts. State-of-the-art language technology ensures not only that all reading is effectively tailored to subscribers’ interests, but also fluently translated from a variety of European languages.

“Through the careful selection of our publishing partners, we are committed to the highest editorial standards, balance and plurality. We believe in creating a diversity of content that even the world’s leading media houses could never offer on their own. We deliberately refrain from content contributed by our users: hate messages, trolls and fake news have no place at Kompreno,” says Giuseppe Menditto, who as Head of Content is responsible for the guidelines and the selection of content.

“We are driven by a curiosity about other cultures, the ideal of international understanding, but also by a platform and networking idea: we help established media companies with their internationalisation and open up new, interesting target groups for them – through cooperation instead of competition. Peacekeeping, climate change, supply chains: In a globalised world, there are no longer national solutions to our most pressing problems. A world without language barriers is therefore a fascinating prospect. We let our subscribers participate in this fascination from the very beginning,” Jochen Adler, the founder and CEO, elaborates on Kompreno’s vision.

Above all, Kompreno pays the utmost attention to a unique reading experience on every digital device. Whether smartphone, tablet or desktop PC: “In designing our software, we left nothing to chance right from the start: simple, plain, without distractions. No algorithmic filter bubbles, no advertising, no tracking: our claim will always be to be and remain our subscribers’ favourite reading app,” adds Paul Maibach, who has been responsible for Kompreno as CTO and Head of Product from the very beginning.

With its interdisciplinary team spread across the continent and a network of specialised partners and senior advisors, the young company spent two years preparing the launch of its first subscription. The locally rooted start-up was founded in Frankfurt during the Corona pandemic.

Well-known media partners from Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Bulgaria are already providing high-quality editorial texts from their premium products for translations at the market launch. Kompreno will gradually announce exactly which ones in a campaign via social media in the days and weeks after the initial market launch.

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