The Overview Effect

Astronauts have frequently described how their perspectives changed fundamentally after returning from spaceflight or orbit. Looking at Earth from far away leaves them with “an overwhelming sense of universal connectedness” or “an ecstasy of unity” with every inhabitant on it, as Apollo 14 pilot Edgar Mitchell put it.

Earth, seen from space.
Keisukze Iwaya-

Researchers have looked at this phenomenon and are describing it as the “Overview Effect”.

Author Frank White has written a popular book on it, and we can recommend Benjamin Grant’s impressive TEDx talk, where he calls “Earthrise” (pictured above) “one of the most important photographs of all time”. Grant quotes the astronaut who took it, recalling the experience: ”We went to the moon, but we actually discovered Earth.”

This notion – that we have one planet, are one civilization, in the vast blackness of space, with finite resources – inspires us. We’re passionate about building technology that brings people closer together. We believe that if we want to change the world, we should widen the perspectives with which we all can see it.

That’s what we are providing with Kompreno: The “Overview Effect” for everyone. A diversity of stories from the most reliable, trusted sources. The experience of immersion into other cultures without necessarily having to travel or having to master every language. Better understanding that leads to more empathy for one another.

A world with no language barriers.