Press release: Endless diversity, literally – the most inspiring reporting, analysis and commentary from all over Europe.

Press release: Endless diversity, literally – the most inspiring reporting, analysis and commentary from all over Europe.

In partnership with renowned media brands from all over Europe, the Frankfurt-based start-up Kompreno has launched its subscription service: for quality journalism without language barriers.

Kompreno brings together the most inspiring reporting, analysis, portraits, interviews and commentary from a variety of sources from across the European continent in a single offering. A flawless, ad-free reading experience on any digital device and in high-quality translation, the novel service makes this content available in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian.

This creates a constantly evolving, unique mix of:

  • national lighthouse media (such as The Independent from England);
  • specialised magazines (such as brand eins from Germany);
  • and innovative online publications (such as Frontiere News from Italy).

State-of-the-art language technology not only ensures fluent translations, but also tailors the reading to the subscribers’ interests by topic and by setting, without creating “filter bubbles” or “echo chambers”, for which social media like Facebook are often criticised.

“The result is a unique diversity, balance and plurality. Our readers see the whole world – but always through the eyes of Europe, on a foundation of values and science,” says Giuseppe Menditto, Head of Content, and responsible for the guidelines and selection.

“We create a network for trustworthy content, this openness distinguishes us. Overcoming language barriers offers a completely new kind of reading experience and limitless discoveries, but it also enables cooperation instead of competition between established publications.” This is how Jochen Adler, who founded Kompreno at the end of 2020, describes the platform.

Above all, Kompreno pays utmost attention to a unique reading experience on any digital device. Whether smartphone, tablet or desktop PC: “In designing our software, we left nothing to chance right from the start: simple, plain, without distractions. No advertising, no data brokerage,” adds Paul Maibach, responsible for Kompreno from the beginning as CTO and Head of Product.

With its small, interdisciplinary team, spread across the continent, and a network of specialised partners and consultants, the young company spent two years preparing the market launch of its first subscription. The locally rooted start-up was founded in Frankfurt during the Covid pandemic.

Now, the first subscribers are enjoying the forward-looking journey on a continental scale: climate change and sustainability, politics and economics, but also social justice and human rights, science and digital society are currently the topics most sought-after on the platform, which is adding more high-quality content every day.

On its own communication channels, e.g. Twitter and LinkedIn, the young company will now announce further media partnerships, carefully selected, in quick succession.

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